Kuma’s offering Vegan options!


Kuma’s has been creating burgers for and with bands for over 10 years now. We set out to pay homage to the world of metal music to the best of our abilities.

Under many circumstances, members of these bands are vegetarian and vegan. So, to properly honor everyone involved, Kuma’s will offer our first vegan-friendly burger option – The Impossible Burger! Vegan pretzel buns, cheese, & mayo available as well.

The Impossible Burger is made for people who love meat! Made entirely from plants including plant derived heme. Heme is what makes the Impossible Burger smell, taste, sizzle, and “bleed” like meat.

Honoring the influential hardcore & metal pioneers Converge, we will offer a vegan burger in their name! Starting today! (New album ‘The Dusk In Us’ available 11/3!)

6oz Impossible Burger, Cherry Tomato Jam, Avocado Mash, Cheddar (v), Roasted Garlic Mayo (v), Baby Arugula, Red Onion

Available at Kuma’s Corner, Kuma’s Corner West Loop, Kuma’s Too, & Kuma’s Corner Schaumburg.