Burgers of the Month


AVERNUS – $19.95

Kuma’s Angus Beef Patty (or choice of protein), Citrus Aioli, Slow-roasted Sriracha Lime Pulled Pork, Cucumber Carrot and Red Onion Salad, Cilantro

Avernus is a Chicago based Doom metal band featuring members of Jungle Rot, and Novembers Doom. Avernus is getting ready to release their first album since 2003.


Nonprofit of the Month

The City of Chicago takes in thousands of unwanted animals every year from citizens, brings stray animals in off the streets, and provides care for evidence animals in court cases.  Contrary to perception, most of these animals are wonderful, loving companion animals–they simply have nowhere else to go.

FCACC works to Provide food, medical care and adoption opportunities for ACC animals in our foster program. Spreading awareness about Chicago Animal Care and Control at  2741 South Western and promoting the great animals who are available for adoption there. Educating people about the proper care of their animals Advocating humane treatment of all animals. gifting the city shelter with resources the city budget doesn’t cover.


More info: https://fcacc.org/