Kuma’s Schaumburg

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About Schaumburg

We’re a gourmet burger bar that name all of our menu items after heavy metal bands. Everyone enjoys a good burger. What we aim to do is exceed expectations on that front. We have 16 unique and different burgers to choose from on our menu. In addition, every month we have a special rotating Burger of the Month!

Opening in Schaumburg was an exciting journey for us because while our roots and identity is rooted within the city limits, we also felt a duty to expand upon this wicked idea and bring it to the masses. After all, everyone should try a Lair of the Minotaur at least once while listening to and watching GWAR videos on the big screen…

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Built From Scratch

We’ve been extremely fortunate to show host to thousands of dedicated eaters from locales near and far.  To see our work on the Food Network,the Cooking Channel, the Travel Channel, as well as regional and local access shows, is an honor that we do not take lightly and our standards are high…We support purveyors that are local and homegrown.  You won’t find a litany of freezers in the back, all of our products are brought in daily and built from scratch as much as possible.  We encourage you to ask your server about the charity of the month and consider donating to what we feel are local, worthy, and deserving causes.

Chicago Craft Beer

We are proud to also feature an extensive thirty-two tap Draft Beer system in Schaumburg! We feature brews from local favorites such a Marz, Pipeworks, Revolution, and BuckleDown, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll probably taste one of our collaborations with these awesome local brewers. We grew tired of seeing the same 15 beers around the city, and have taken it upon ourselves to seek out the different, the unique…true craft. Stop by and try a few, or if beer isn’t your thing ask about our current cocktail offerings!

Ultimately, we invite you to stop in to have a good time. Give our particular brand of flair a chance, and we know you will be happy you came.

Experience our award-winning cuisine and drink the best local craft beers around. Make the pilgrimage to the Metal Burger Mecca.