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Kumas Corner has been serving up the best burgers on the planet for over 18 years, with an edgy yet welcoming atmosphere. We only carry the best beer with a focus on local craft brews. Bring your friends or bring the family and enjoy what we have to offer!

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We’re dedicated To Serving Great Food

From the very start of Kuma’s we have focused on culinary innovation, sourcing our ingredients from local purveyors, and providing quality over cost. Everything is made in house and never frozen. Over the years we have won multiple awards for our food including Best Burger in Chicago by WGN, Top 5 burgers in the country by Playboy, & most influential burger by Time Magazine.

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Harshing Your Mellow Since 2005

Kuma’s Corner is a brand of gourmet American bistro restaurants that specialize in serving the best burgers on the planet. Since opening their original heavy-metal-themed location in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood in 2005, Kuma’s has grown to four brick-and-mortar restaurants (with plans for many more), expanded their menu (including to 3 primary styles of Mac n Cheese, which will soon be offered as a frozen retail product), built a culture of authenticity (brand, product, community) and grown a cult-like following of loyal customers.

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Awesome Organizations We Support

We’ve been extremely fortunate to show host to thousands of dedicated eaters from locales near and far. As such, we feel it is our obligation to give back to the communities that support us and support our love for meat and heavy metal. So we encourage you to ask your server about the charity of the month and consider donating to what we feel are worthy and deserving causes.

Institute For Nonviolence Chicago


St. Jude Children’s Hospital


Friends Of Johnny Hurley


Gigi’s Playhouse – Chicagoland


Project Chimp Care – Chicagoland


Save The Chimps – Denver


Neighborhood Housing Services


A Just Harvest


Merit School Of Music


Children’s Advocacy Center


Fellowship Housing


Experience our award-winning cuisine and drink the best local craft beers around. Make the pilgrimage to the Metal Burger Mecca.