OG and West Loop Carryout and Delivery available through COVID-19 Closure!


In the interest of keeping spirits as high as is humanly possible during something of this magnitude, we need to make you aware that while it is not possible for you to come in and physically sit down at the bar to eat/drink, we ARE offering carryout/delivery services for both food AND beverage including ALCOHOL!

For the time being, food can be ordered for delivery via our Website, Kuma’s App, Grubhub or Door Dash.

As for carryout, Please use our Website, Kuma’s App or call the Restaurant so we can get you taken care of.

For Alcohol, visit us here on our website, Kuma’s App, or Grubhub for an updated list of what we have. Must be 21+ and show proof of age.

We appreciate your continued support during this time of extreme unforeseen circumstance.

Every order placed goes directly to keeping our lights on and making sure our staff can keep theirs on.

Be safe out there and wash your goddamned hands.