Kuma’s Hops of Horror

Halloween Week! Horror Flicks! Special Beer Pairings!
Come hang out while we throw up some of our favorite horror movies on the screen. Order the following beers on the date listed from 7pm-Close to win some Kuma’s Merch and brewery swag!
Wednesday 10.24 – Half Acre Beer Company Daisy Cutter & Orin
7pm: Nightmare on Elm Street 5
9pm: Hatchet 2
Thursday 10.25 – Marz Community Brewing Bubbly Red
7pm: Friday The 13th 6: Jason Lives
9pm: Evil Dead (2013)
Friday 10.26 – Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood
7pm: Army of Darkness
9pm: High Tension
11pm: Dead Alive
Saturday 10.27 – Off Color Brewing Apex Predator
7pm: Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth
9pm: From Dusk Til Dawn
11pm: Chillerama
Sunday 10.28 – 3 Floyds Brewing Zombie Dust
7pm: Return of the Living Dead
9pm: Re-Animator
Monday 10.29 – Half Acre Beer Company Deep Space
7pm: Alien
9pm: Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Tuesday 10.30 – Metropolitan Brewing Humbucker
7pm: The Lost Boys
9pm: Slumber Party Massacre 2
Wed 10.31 – 2 Towns Ciderhouse Hallow Jack’d
Noon-Close: Halloween Marathon
*Note: We’re not playing sound with the movies. We’ll be jamming our usual tunes.